Concerned about protection of the natural environment, ALEKSANDRIA undertakes the challenge of maintaining the balance of nature in immediate human surroundings.

The primary objectives of our company in this scope include:

  • rational cultivation of the environment and management of its resources, in compliance with the principle of sustainable development.
  • implementation of anti-pollution measures in the area of our business.

We have our own environmental protection unit, which consists of a young team of ambitious employees with appropriate qualifications and knowledge of ecology, who achieve positive results.

Rational cultivation of the environment and management of its resources, as well as implementation of anti-pollution measures. 

Air protection
Use of ecological energy carriers of propane-butane gas, fuel oil in the company’s boiler house. Combustion of those fuels results in emission of a lower amount of pollutants (mainly carbon dioxide) responsible, among others for the greenhouse effect, compared to the traditional solid fuels, such as coal.

Surface water protection
The waste water which is produced during manufacturing processes is purified in a modern treatment plant, located on the company’s premises, which uses the “end-of-pipe” technology. In order to ensure high quality of purified waste water, it was equipped with three inter-related stages: mechanical, biological and chemical. The use of, among others, biological treatment allows to significantly reduce biogenic substances: nitrogen, phosphorus, responsible for eutrophication of water. Our technical solutions are supported by highly qualified staff of the treatment facility. The applied procedures comply with the EU regulations.

Waste management
Limitation of the negative impact of post-production waste on the environment takes place thanks to its selective segregation in the place of their production. We supply segregated recyclable waste to companies which deal with waste recovery and recycling.

Packaging management
We reduce the amounts of packaging waste, which may end up at a landfill site mainly by introducing reusable packaging as well as by using recyclable packaging materials. As part of ALEKSANDRIA’s cooperation with a company which deals with recovery of our packaging, we contribute to re-using of some parts of the packaging.

Unconventional energy sources
The optimal use of the thermal energy created during operation of refrigerating appliances is a perfect way of generating savings and a rational use of natural resources. Use of unconventional energy sources allows us to:

  • use the captured thermal energy for the purposes of preparing warm water used for technological purposes 
  • reduce emission of energy (heat) and pollutants to air, 
  • reduce the use of exhaustible energy carriers, i.e. gas, fuel oil.

Water Management
Our water-saving equipment and machines as well as the use of closed and semi-closed water circulation allow us to reduce the amount of consumed water. Fulfillment of high environmental protection standards by our company is confirmed by controls of environmental authorities as well as periodical audits of the implemented quality system.