Premium cold mates - We are proud of our premium cold meats. They are made of carefully selected pork meat, according to traditional Polish recipes, they contain over 100% of meat and all of them are smoked naturally. Everybody loves their deep, original taste, and we love to make them!

Smoked hams, loin, neck and shoulder - Smoked meat is made of specially selected pork ham, neck, shoulder or bacon. We pickle it in a traditional way by using our own original mixtures of seasonings and additives and then we smoke it with beech smoke. There is also mysterious additive which allows you to recognise taste of our product wherever you are. Maybe it is an atmosphere of Aleksandria, the beautiful place in Poland?

Raw and raw smoked cold meats - are made of the best pork meat. They are unique due to very long smoking with beech cold smoke. This method of heat treatment gives characteristic look, taste and flavour. And if you like raw meat, we want to present to you “metki” (spreads) - meat which is minced, delicately seasoned and deprived of any other treatment.

Bacons - Smoked lean ribless bacon with a characteristic color obtained as a result of a special smoking and steaming process. Thanks to their taste and aroma qualities they should be found in every kitchen, and served as cold cuts, they can be the base on “home-made food” platters.

Thick sausages are high-quality cold meats, made of the best meat, pickled, smoked and steamed. To produce them we use selected pork muscles and special seasoning, which give them unforgettable taste and flavour. Each of products of this line is unique because of their ingredients or casings.

Thin sausages are made of pork minced meat, well-seasoned in a unique way, closed in natural or artificial casings, steamed and smoked. They are very popular for barbecues and as an addition to many traditional Polish dishes. They also taste great cold served.

Sandwich treats and roast are manually formed pork products, usually in artificial casings, which allow to maintain freshnes of products for a very long time. Each product is unique but all of them are delicious.

Wieners are traditional Polish sausage, characterised by superb delicate flavour and crispness, in natural or artificial casings. Carefully selected seasonings and smoking bring out the taste of meat. This product is recommended to be consumed cold or hot but it shouldn’t be boiled. We don’t use mechanically separated meat (MSM) in our products.

Mortadella is homogenized pork sausage without mechanically separated meat (MSM), which excellent consistency and taste make it a great as sandwich topping. It’s also delicious fried on a pan and it may be the base of quick and inexpensive dinner dish.

Offal cold cuts are produced according to traditional Polish recipes, made of pork meat and offal with a lot of natural spices such as pepper and garlic. They are absolutely unique and healthy as well.

Poultry cold meats are made of the best turkey or chicken muscles. Low-fat, crispy and delicate meat with carefully selected seasoning provides an unforgettable taste to these products.